Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friday Feb 1 and Sat Feb 2

Well, Friday. Friday I was a father. My usual training time was used to pick up my boy and try to get him to a doctor appointment, only to discover that it had been cancelled by the good doctor.

Who knew that doctors could call in sick?

Anyway, I got myself home and got people to where they needed to be. I was a dad. Later on that same day, though, I filled the van with lots and lots of furniture to be stored at my father in law's house. Saturday is not a rugby day for the time being.

Saturday, these days anyway, are moving days.

Well, more accurately, de-cluttering days. I moved a lot of crap out of my house. Had to. It's all just crap.

After I did that, I came home and took my kids out to the garage for a workout. Well, I worked out, they had fun. Good tunes, and a good sweat. I did this for three rounds:

10 squat and wall throws (14 lb ball used)
20 Kb swings (45 lb bell used)
10 bench flies (40 lb dbs used)
10 changing cleans and press (60 lbs)
20 seated knee tucks
20 feet up push ups. I tried to get a pick of my son "Helping" me do these, but the iPhone wasn't cooperating.

Actual shot of me and my boy. Not really.

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