Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunday Feb 3, Monday Feb 4

Sunday was a recovery and rest day. Or at least that was written down.

Instead my youngest decided that it was "Stress my parents Out" Day. On those days I just know it is best to get a workout in and duck.

Why work out? Because it's better than not working out. Besides, it's Superbowl Day and I wanted to train that day, too.

Got this done for three rounds:
20 Kb two handed swings
10 squat with the ball with wall throws.
20 feet up push ups

Not much of a workout, but I just wanted something quick, as I know it was going to be cut short if I tried anything too exciting. Watching the Superbowl at a local pub was a drag. I hate drunk people and the people behind the bar were a drag, too.

Monday I woke up and felt like death. I got my work done and got home to clean and declutter. I did fin a few books and training ideas in my library. I'm going to be taking my training books to work in order to save them from being pitched.

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