Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Monday and Tuesday August 21 and 22

The only time I really like sweating on turf

Monday I finally got back to EPC for a session with my dude. Mostly body weight stuff, as this was the first session of August together. I know, I know ... Monday's have been rather odd this August.

In any case, it was a good session. Diet is still off, though. Need to do some more reading about what to eat and when.

Also looked around for a place to learn to do some boxing this summer. Although I know Wrestling/BJJ would really help me, I just don't want to risk something popping out of my stomach and rushing to the hospital this winter. If I can learn a bit of boxing, at least I can sweat and do something near to what I like to do.

Well, that and running.

I did go for a nice walk with my wife, too. Those help with mental health more than anything else.

Tuesday I was expecting a decent session after a player's meeting at the club. I have no reasonable explanation as to why I thought this, but it didn't happen. At least I got a walk in early in the morning to try and get my legs working properly.

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