Thursday, August 4, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday August 4

I want to celebrate a minor victory. I had two days of at least two sessions each day for both of these days.

Wednesday morning was stretching on near the water. My son found a playmate and I had my yoga mat and awesome rolling ball with me. He ran and climbed and I stretched and rolled. Honestly, it was what needed to happen.

Later on Wednesday, I got to bang with the heavy bag at a gym I joined for the summer. Always empty and had the Jays on tv. It was this for eight rounds:

1:50 punching
1:50 kettlebell/dumb bell snatches

for eight rounds.

Yeah, it was a pretty good session. This particular workout I seem to like as I may use what I'm doing here in a rugby game. I would never hope that I would have to, but the day may come; preparation is key.

I got up again on Thursday morning and expected my alarm clock to also get up. He did not. I crept into my living room and played on my phone, waiting for him to come and find me, so we could go somewhere fun. As it was, he didn't get up until almost 7:30am. What. A. Slacker.

In any case, shortly after he got up, my wife got up to take care of him. He was in good hands, so, I went to my garage gym and got the following done for four rounds:

20 kb h2h swings
10 kb cleans  (each exercise, each side)
10 kb clean and presses
10 kb snatches
10 bicep curls
10 step ups

I did use both the 12 and the 16-kilogram bell today. There is a real difference in the two, quite frankly. There was a real sharp upturn in the live heart rate monitoring I was doing this morning. It was cool to have my HR on a screen that I could see while working out. Kinda like the way some expensive gyms do it.... Orange Theory, for example.

I did also do a stretching session with my therapist today, too. Oh, goodness, that was a great session.

It was also a training night, so I go to rugby and did lots of sprints. I did some ball handling and I also did my own session at the end of training. Lots of line out throws and a fair number of short sprints. I wore the HR monitor again, but don't think you need to see that one. It was neat to see that I jogged 1.53 kilometers in that time. I'm shaking my head wondering if I might get the Nike+ site to start seeing these workouts and kilometers and count them in my annual totals ... meh, I had a good session and I'm just going to keep on trucking.

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