Friday, August 12, 2016

Thursday Aug 11

Yeah, worried about a few things ... like the gaping holes in my body. Hernias are a serious thing and I went to get them checked out.

So, it was a little good news and a fair amount of bad news.

Good news first - the two hernias I thought were the most dangerous and in need of repair, aren't so anymore.

The news is the third one needs fixing.

Without a hint of a smile, the dude said that you can't put stitches in butter and expect it to heal. In the next breath, he said that I needed to start with losing 60 pounds and when that was accomplished, to come back and they'd consider.

I then spoke to the nutritionist and got her handouts and advice. We chatted about the Olympics and she saw my ears. I told her about cutting to 207 in 2012, and how shocked I was when I had to weigh in that day.

282.2 / 128 kilos.

I am still kind of ashamed of that number. How far I've gotten off track and the like. Just ashamed.

Still, it will make for a more interesting September and beyond.

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