Sunday, December 4, 2016

Friday and Saturday Dec 3

Friday I had to get a fair amount of work done before leaving, so I did not get a training session in at work. I will be aiming for two training sessions a week at work and at least two more during the week during the evenings.

In speaking to my wife, she'd also like us to be able to include a focus on breakfast between now and the new year. So ... I'm adding that to what I do in for week prep for lunches and dinner. I am that busy, it's so sad.

Friday I did get a water walk in, with my wife. Was awesome. Nice date night, too. A good decent session in the pool together where we get to talk and think about stuff together without a certain six-year-old making a scramble of the conversation.

Saturday was me chasing the boy around the house. I did get some swinging in during the day, but cleaning for most of it.

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