Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Dec 9

I fought a cold these three days and I won. Sore throat, lots of goo in the nose ... but I now have access to a sauna/steam bath and so I have something to poke the bugs with now.

Clearly, this was Thursday night
Wednesday I got to do my usual session at EPC. Seriously, once a week training, and I actually wonder why I'm not cutting as much weight off of my body as I should.

I'm an idiot.

At least the session was a good one; I like the training there. Afterwards, my wife and I got into the pool and went for a walk. Then .... steeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmm.

Thursday I was at the lowest against this cold, but I persevered. I did get another water walk in, almost a regular thing now. Not quite enough to get the weight off, but enough to keep it from getting worse.

Friday .... same thing. Except there were a lot more people in the pool area, and a real couple of pieces of work. Little kids without supervision reflect the true nature of humanity. We are a bunch of self-centered idiots. And parents ... who sit at the side of the pool while their kids are complete idiots in the pool ... are not my favourite thing on the planet after this night.

We usually sit in the hot tub after a nice walk in the pool; yeah, not tonight. We got out of there as quickly as we could.

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