Monday, December 10, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Dec 9

Friday was an off day - no training as I was needed in early at work and later by my family. Disappointed I didn't get out to see my peeps at a going away party in Toronto. Sorry, Chris.

Ho, ho ... I forget the last line...
Saturday I woke up stupid early and did the Santa 5K in Burlington. I was still bummed out because of missing the party and my wife convinced me to do this event. I got there, was kind of turned off by the weather but got to the starting line and was a bit happier. I got into a spot in the middle of all the runners, sort of near the front and took pics. I will get them on here later.

In a turn to the surreal, I discovered by turns that I was standing beside the Mayor of Burlington and my Ward Councellor for the part of the city in which I live. I was ok with that, as I voted for both men. In a moment of pride, the Mayor recognized my name a face and said "Oh, right, you're from the rugby club!", and then shook my hand.

I'm pretty sure I pooped my Santa suit at that moment.

We chatted for a bit, Rick telling some funny jokes and people around us made reference to this funny video from Rick Mercer:

I made a mental note to watch it later. It took me a while to find it, but man .... that Rick Mercer.  I chatted with my Ward Councellor for a while. A kid fell down in front of me and I helped him up, and so lost a bit of pace there, too. Meh, I was just glad to get out on a run - I haven't done much of that as of late.  I'll get to it this week coming up.

After the race, I got to the Dickens for steak and eggs. Oh, man that was good. Then got home, played with my kids and did some rolling and stretching in my gym. That, my friends was a full day.

I didn't see the Mayor, do YOU see him? He's there, somewhere...
Sunday I actually got a chance to train, which is sort of unusual for me on a Sunday. Legs were a little sore from the runs last week and so, I finished with some more rolling.

Got this done four rounds with my two year old chasing me around:

20 bw squats (sorry, I can't trust him with me lifting a bar in the same room yet)
20 feet up push ups
15 hanging knee tucks
10 TRX body rows.

Not a lot of equipment, a relatively high safety factor and a great deal of chasing my son around between sets and reps.

After that, went to my brother's house warming party. Nice place. I pointed to this blog to help him set up a true Man Cave.... :)

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