Monday, December 31, 2012

Dec 30 and Mon Dec 31

This is post 600 of this blog. Whoa. Let's take a minute and go ... whoa.

I've learned an awful lot about training and mindset by keeping this blog. I'm thinking right now isn't the best time for me for reflection - it's about 6pm on New Years Eve as I am writing this - but I'm thinking I'll have to do some reflection about what I've learned in the last 600 writing sessions here.

In any case ... whoa ... 600 .... ok, c'mon man ... focus.

ok ... Sunday was more shovelling and driving around. I also saw a rather cool video of using medicine balls for cardio for rugby from either facebook or twitter ... and forgot to take the URL to post it here. I just knew I wanted to try a workout I saw out, and since there is no one looking today, I did this for five rounds.
Good workout, awesome training partner

10 squat jump throw medicine ball straight ups
10 overhead line out throws with the Mball
10 rugby pass with the mball (both sides)
20 feet up push ups
10 db rows - 50 lbs used.

This would be a lot harder with a heavier ball - I'm thinking I could combine this with the sprints in the summer as a finisher without mush stress.

It doesn't look like much, but that was a pretty solid workout. Done at a moderate pace, with frequent interruptions by my boy, I got a pretty solid workout done.

In preparation for the upcoming season, I went through my laptop and found a few old ORU workouts, one of which was the sprinting workout I did after each training session last summer. Seems I am benefiting from an awful lot of shared wisdom.

I also know that it is basically what Callum Mahoney told me to do last May, and it worked for me this last summer. I'm pretty sure it'll work this spring, too. Until then, I'll put this up on the wall of my gym, to follow once or twice a week. Rest of the time it'll be basic fitness with some ball handling

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