Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday Dec 6

I had to get to work early ... and will have to do the same until the end of January. Meh ... no more early morning workouts for me.

Life goes on.

And so ... I started playing touch rugby on Thursday nights. Lots of sprinting and ball handling with some actual rugby played as well. Well, some sort of rugby kinda like rugby thing played.

It's not good for tackling drills, or well, shouldn't be good for tackling drills, but there were a lot of cheap shots during a few of the games. Refs are regular referees, looking to stay in practice, too. But there are some different Laws of this indoor game on turf. Some really annoying people from other local clubs. For some games they were so many annoying people, I was left with no one for which to cheer.

I'm thinking that between the 10 minute games, of using my time to recover, but also to use the time to work on ball handling skills - like this:

Why? Because most of the guys in this league need to work on their hands. Including me.

Nuff said.

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