Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday and Monday Dec 3

Sunday was a moving day. No, nothing emotional ... I helped a buddy move house. Lots of boxes out of the basement ... into a van ... then out of the van into a basement. Meh, s'all good.

I got pretty sweaty - it was two hours of movement with weights. Lots of books, too. Note to self - I'm ditching all of the dead tree things in my basement before the spring.

In any case, I did some stretching with my kids in my garage close to dinner time. I can't say my kids did a lot of stretching, but I surely did.

Monday morning, got this done three times before needing to get to work. 30 lb bell used throughout, as a lot of sore things in my body.

20 two handed KB swings
15 kb cleans
10 kb snatches
20 feet up push ups (wide hands)
15 hanging knee tucks
10 tricep dips

Much later, got a chance to run with a rugby buddy - did 4km with him. A nice start to the next rugby season.

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