Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tuesday to Saturday Dec29

Well, I got this done for four or three rounds, depending on the day. Lots of early morning wake ups (like stupid early, 4:30am early) to deal with my youngest. God thing I am going to bed early and eating fairly well.

20 BW squats
10 TRX rows
20 feet up push ups
20 two handed kb swings (30 then 50 lb bell used)
15 kb cleans
10 bench flies
10 triceps dips
15 hanging knee tucks

Wednesday was a big snow storm, and did the above workout three rounds.

Thursday I did a 90 minute shovelling session in the am, with rugby in the evening.

Friday I was taking care of my kids with no chance of any workout happening.

Saturday was a long day of chasing my kids with naps in the middle. However,  I was celebrating being married for 11 years.

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