Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wed, Thurs, Fri and Saturday Dec 22

Wed, Thursday and Friday ... were off days.

I don't know; lots of stretching, though. Legs were rather sore and I was just fighting something. I didn't even want to go play "Touch" rugby - too afraid it would downgrade to League stuff.

One of my teammates got kicked out for the night last week for tossing someone around. I'm pretty sure I know who it was that he tossed, even though I wasn't there to see it.

Wednesday to Friday I was fighting something. Not sure, but lungs were sore during the day. Lots of goo... oh, never mind. Suffice it to say that I wasn't feeling the top of my game.

Lots of stuff done at work, though. Lots of reading done, too.

I even got a short story written at home, too.

Saturday, though, I got this done for four rounds before I had to go off and be a dad:

 6-8 deadlifts -150, then 200+ lbs for the last rounds
20 two handed swings (40 then 50 lb kb used)
6-8 kb snatches 50 lb bell used - This was cool to feel myself do, finally
10 TRX body rows 20 feet up push ups
10 bench flies (35 lbs used ... I'll get this up by next week)
10 triceps dips 15 hanging knee tucks

That. Felt. Good.

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