Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday May 20

Legs were Jello - went for a recovery walk Friday.

Had to spend most of Saturday on my feet or driving. I did some recovery work, though. About 20 minutes of stretching and yoga practice. Man, stiff ligaments.

Sunday, I was getting back into the groove and it feels pretty good. After doing this workout, I had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a while. I had to use the 50 lb bell for all, as my wife lifted all the other bells out of the van we used to go away.
My Facebook status is this:
Me: Dear wife, where is my 30 lb kettlebell I put in the van?
Wife:Oh, I lifted that out and put it back in the garage.
Me: Dear wife, where’s the 20 lb kettlebell?
Wife: Left that at home, too.
Me: So, just the 50 lb kettlebell is in the van?
Wife: yeah, I couldn’t lift it out, so yeah, it stayed in the van.
Me: Ok, DOMS tomorrow it is then!

 That pretty much sums up this trip so far. In any case, I got this done for four rounds after a bit of a warm up:
20 two handed swings
10 Kb cleans
5 KB snatches
20 body weight squats
20 feet up push ups

 I did this in the garage of the cottage I’m at. I’m sort of able to post and write things, depending on the weather. It’s raining now, so ... this might have to wait a few days.

 Monday was lifting, driving and otherwise being active. No bell work though. And I got a load of mats back into my garage that were away for a while.

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