Friday, May 31, 2013

Monday to Friday May 31

This was so stressful. I can honestly not think of a more stressful set of days in twenty years. Twenty years. Since stressing to try and finish high school. Since thinking what it was that I was going to do for the next sixty years... Yup. That level of stress Monday was a learning session at work, then looking after my youngest kids Tuesday was a work day, then packing for a move. Wednesday was a packing day- and i had to make a couple dozen choices. And rented a second truck. My wifetook care of the kids, i lifted heavy crap. A lot. Thursday was a work day, then unpacking. it was 30 degrees C outside. Missed rugby training and generally was sweaty for an entire set of daylight hours. Cranked the AC and had a cold bath.

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