Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wed May 1

Oh, man ... I'm ever grateful that the warm weather is back today - or at least it was today.

I was sitting there, in my living room, waiting for my wife to come home from some errand ... and as soon as she stepped in the door, she was mobbed by our kids. In the ensuing confusion I escaped to the ark across the street from my house:

For four rounds:

20 kb OH swings each side
10 Kb cleans
10 Kb snatches
20 bw squats

(30 lb bell used ... it was the one near the front door, so I grabbed it in my escape)

As I was there in the park, dude walked up to me with a beer in his hand (yeah, I know) asked me if I was doing the Tough Mudder. I had gotten the email from TMHQ that afternoon telling me about my start time on May 12th. I had to sign in and shift my date to the one on Sunday in September. I told the guy this and he looked at me like I just won the lottery for him.

He turned on his heel and said I just made his summer.

Glad to have helped, man...

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