Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday and Saturday July 14

Friday was a rest day. I was bitter and had to get to work early. After work, I took my kids for a swim; I stretched, too.
No, that is not me about to eat a left. I'm sorry to say I was knocked out as this punch was being thrown, too.

I had to get my head xrayed later ... and here it is...

Yeah, that's not my idea of fun. But .... what ever.

 We play the same team at the end of September. Season's not done, we need to win the rest of the games we play with a bonus point, then beat the team we just lost to.


  1. Wow why were you getting punched in the head?

  2. Was t me eating that punch. I ate another One, just out of the shot. Welcome to Hamilton...