Monday, July 2, 2012

Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon July 1

Friday was a prep day - lots to get done for the next week, man. Ahead of time, all the time. I drove north for the weekend to help my parents get stuff ready for the summer.

Saturday was unreal. Lots of stuff to lift - the anchors of the dock, for example. Suckers must weigh 100 lbs, easy. Probably more. Had to lift them and get them reset. Forget about the five trips up and down the hill that they reside on, lets talk about me lifting my 30 pound son up and down that hill, too.

Sunday was more of the same, lifting and doing stuff. I also did a quick bodyweight and KB workout, just to get it done.

Monday was even more up and down that hill; my son is about 30 pounds of fun, but not so much fun when you are lifting it up a hill. Lots of prep, then a drive home. Getting ready for tomorrow.

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