Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunday Monday and Tuesday July 17

Ugh , Sunday was a rest day. I literally couldn't sweat or my wife would be on my about my cut on my face.

Same with Monday .. .I had to go to work and look like a thug. I stayed away from working out until the sun was going down. I had to do something, so I did a quick thing:

30 two handed swings
10 kb cleans
15 snatches
20 puch ups
20 BW squats

for three rounds.

Tuesday I woke up feeling like living death, so I missed a morning workout. I did get a rather cool message about working out with two MMA guys for a fight each has in the fall. Seems people like me as a training partner. I'm cool with that.

Tuesday after training, they called a meeting of the senior men. Out of respect, I attend such meetings, but rarely is anything done from them. One of the reasons I hate meetings of any sort. Obvious points pointed out for people who already know ... or should. At least the idiot who was being an idiot on the balcony from Thursday last said he was sorry he was an idiot. Sort of nice to hear that. 

One funny line was that I "had the same work rate at the start of the game as at the end of the game" ... and that "probably no one noticed or saw what I was doing, but the coach did." ... not sure if that is a good thing or not. I'm going to assume both were good. Finally, it was I was pointed out as an example to follow for extra fitness. ... and not a body followed when I did this after the meeting;

7x 50m sprints
20 push ups
20 seated knee tucks

I missed the animal crawl .. it's is, after all, over 40 degrees with the humidex. I figure I'm ok to miss that. It was dang hot.

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