Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 22

Well, my training continues to do it's thing. Rugby is being helped by my fitness ... but I keep really just mucking about with the ball when I get near it. Meh, at least I can get to the rucks to protect the ball.

That's really my job, man. The ball handing thing is just extra. I made some awesome dummy runs on Saturday. he he he he he

In any case, Friday was a stretching day; up early to meet the dawn with some stretching. Legs and shoulders and really hurting these days. Meh, it's like I'm playing first team rugby or something.

Saturday was weird for me. I was at home for the day, and got some stuff done about the house, had a nap and then went off to rugby. I did well, we won, but there was just no oomph. No intensity in the game. They went to depowered scrums, and so I could get out and help my team without absorbing a lot of pressure through my back. Which was nice. We won by a lot, too. Kept them off the score board, which was also nice.

This is the second half of the season, and we need to get all the bonus points to keep things in reach We got the precious bonus point this weekend, by the way. We need to win the remaining games in the season with the bonus point for each week, and then win the last game of the year. Then, we got the chance to be promoted.

Sunday was swimming with my kids; lots of icing my legs and knees, too. Scrapes and cuts on my knees from the dry pitch really didn't like the nice nor the chlorine in the pool. I still felt awful, though.


  1. If you're gunna play depowered srums might as well play League! It's more fun! :D

  2. Everything that they do in League, I suck at. No counter rucking, little ball stripping, no mauling, no line outs, no scrummaging .... but lots and lots and lots of running dummy lines and switches... I would go "cray cray"...