Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday July 2

Good news: I'm really sore after today.

Actually, I haven't been this sore in a while. Seriously. My butt hurts like I've been in prison for a week and my legs are sore from sprinting last night. I believe that the line was "Run like you stole something!"

I did this for four rounds in the morning, before work:

20 Kb TH swings
10 Kb snatches
10 Kb cleans
25 BW squats

I had to get to work, which was a drag. Alas, it will improve, as I am a faithful follower of "The Third Option" - that is, I get my own stuff, rather on relying on others. It's a character flaw, but I own it.

After training, I got this done for three rounds, too:

50m sprints x 7
20 feet up push ups
25 seated knee tucks
20 BW squats
20m bear crawl

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