Monday, April 20, 2015

Friday and Saturday April 18th

Friday was a recovery day ... I'm going to be saying that a lot in the next few months, I'm sure. I did wake up without a lot of pain, thanks to the ice bath I had on Thursday night.

I did get a 2.5k walk in as I wanted to get something done, just to keep my feet and legs moving. I did not sleep well afterwards.

Weather was awesome, turf ... meh
Saturday was a rugby day. I was really excited for this for a few reasons, as this was to be the first contact games since October. We did win both levels of our own tournament ... which was cool. What that looked like was winning three shortened games, spread over an afternoon. I kicked off at 11am, at 12:30pm and then again at 3:20pm. For that last game, I was really really sore. I tried to get my body just to move, but it really didn't like me. Warming up was easy, as the weather was bright sunshine and as warm as it has been in a long while. Even with that warmth, it was tough to get going for the last game.

Quite frankly a beautiful day of spring time outdoor activity.

I thought I played as well as I could, but was scrummaging against men that were a lot bigger than I am. In addition, for at least one game, my opponent plays at a lot higher level than I do, week to week. I was grateful for the chance to lose, though. I did get a glimpse into what it takes to play prop at the next level.

Quite frankly I should have gone for another ice bath experience after these games. I did have an epsom salt bath after a shower, and later I did a 2k walk to try and recover. But I was really really sore when I went to bed. I should have gone to a big party, but I was just too sore, man.

Winning that 12:40 game was sweet

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