Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday April 2

Wednesday and Thursday were interesting days.

Wednesday I took as a resting day, only getting in a walk with my wife. My legs needed a break, considering what I've done so far this week and rugby training to come. I got a chance to reflect on my stupid joke on Facebook, too.
This also may have been taken at training ...

Lame, perhaps ... but I had a laugh, man. Really ... that's what I'm looking for.

Thursday was a rugby night. We sprinted, we passed the ball around. Then we sprinted. Just like this session a year ago .... hmmmm ... sprinting ... it's good for the legs.

I felt early as I was needed at home, but when I got home the danger had been averted and I went on a short "clearing the legs" walk of about 2k

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