Friday, April 17, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday April 16

Wednesday ... was a recovery day. I felt pretty sore most of the day and just got in a walk with my wife as a part of rolling and other recovery work.
Chilly Bin

Thursday is a rugby night and I was glad of it. My legs were pretty sore after an hour of sprinting and ball handling and some contact work. We also did some work on the set pieces, too. Fun stuff.

In an case, the important part was the after training piece with a new large recycling bin as a cold tub for after training.

This was a bit of a dry run, so to speak. Making sure I could get in and out, whether it leaked or ... whatever. I have a few things to tweak for next time, but it worked fairly well. My legs and back were totally submerged and got nice a chilly in the chilly bin.

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