Monday, April 6, 2015

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday April 6

This was an Easter weekend ... so I had a lot of stuff planned for me, which I had to bail on as I felt like living hell. I slept for most of Friday. Seriously. I woke up and then wanted a nap. I did this on and off for the day and into the evening. It wasn't a nice thing to do, but my legs and back were sore from rugby and my stomach and everything else was sore from ... something.

I did get a 2k walk in with my wife, which just exhausted me and I went back to bed.

Saturday ... proved to me that I shouldn't have left the house. I collapsed and really didn't leave my bed.

Sunday I got moving somewhat but really not much better. I did get a 2k walk in my wife.

Monday ... still mot a significant movement day on my side, but I did manage another 2k walk.

Clearly, I am fighting something inside my body. I did eat well these days, lots of fluids and the like. I would have preferred a more normal sleeping routine, as Tuesday's return to work will be that much harder.

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