Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday April 29

I really should start padding my post numbers. I've been combining days for a few years and this year seems to be the worst. Meh, I'd rather have a few things to write about in a post about a few days than just be stupid.

My stats are going through the roof this month, though. Finals numbers won't be in until May 1, but April 2015 is already the highest number of clicks on this blog. I'm humbled.

In any case, I have to recap my fitness for the last few days.

Monday ... was Monday. I never did like that day, but these days at work is rather stressful and so, I got a mental health break kind of a walk done with my wife. I did try to work on the redesign of my gym but it didn't happen. I had a meeting until after 9pm and got home and then we walked.

Tuesday, same stuff, different day. I didn't bring my workout gear to work, and so missed out on a training run there. At least I got my paperwork done for my boss and I started a new blog for my learning about gardening. After that I went o my physiotherapy appointment, at which I was confronted about my lack of daily stretching and rolling. I was reminded and tortured to return to formerly good habits in my daily routine to stretch and roll. Every. Day.

Light green stuff is a future meal
Why a blog about gardening? because I like free food and I like to eat well. As an added bonus, I get to show how things grow to my four year old boy. He's learning patience. Well, I'm trying to teach him patience.

At the end of the day, I got the minimum done. almost a 3k walk in.

Wednesday I got a chance to redo my gym, and so had a nice workout, lifting and moving stuff around to make my garage gym usable again. I also got my indoor garden working, placing plants in front of a window facing south so that it should work. I'm already seeing some results.

I got up early and got my rolling done. At least next Tuesday will not be so horrible with the Physio. I hope.

I also got a 2.5 k walk in, so I was good there, too.

I have to share that I'm also doing a lot of courses at Random topics, but all free thanks to a Facebook group dedicated to Free Udemy courses.

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