Friday, April 10, 2015

Wedneday, Thursday and Friday April 10

I just finished this blog post, then deleted it. Brutal.

Wednesday was a hard day all around - I just had to remember that I was a grown up all day long. I had to finish the day with a 1k walk. I did get a nice bath in before work, which was nice, but I'm not getting the rolling and stretching in that I know I need to do.

Thursday was a rugby night. I got the training done, but I just didn't want to do contact, but I did it anyway. I did a fair amount of stretching and mobility after the session, too.

Friday has been a long day all around. I did find this cool blog about indoor gardening and this blog about how to get it done, too. I like free food, so I think I'm going to try these ones.

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