Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monday and Tuesday April 14

Monday was, of course, my forty-fifth birthday. That's right, I'm on the down side of forty. Basically, I'm waiting for my spot in some retirement home.

Yeah, no, I'm lying there. I'm biting at the days now. Working on more than a few things, including getting my SmartServe, working up the money for the Kettlebell Agastsu course in July and a few online courses on coding, blogging and running a business.

I'm working on myself the way I should have been working on myself for a while.

I did this ... whatever you call it.
In any case, Monday was a sore day, a recovery day. I got a bath in before work which took the edge off of the day. After work got some rolling in and a massage to try and help with the sore muscles. It helped.

Tuesday was a good day for me.

I got a chance to do two runs, adding up to about 5k, and I got this done for four rounds at GoodLife:

20 kb clean and presses (16 kilo bell used throughout)
20 kb snatches
20 door hinge shoulder mobility reps done

took about 20 minutes to get that done and it was all good.

I'm really liking the walks in the evening with my wife. Really reconnecting with her and rather enjoying the mild weather. I got Monday's walk done in sandals, and tonight's done wearing a t-shirt... well, and shorts, too.... ;)

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