Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday and Saturday April 25

Friday wasn't bad in terms of my body, after the ice bath. Seriously, a lot of things feel better after that experience, regardless if the science is still out on how it might work or even if it works.

I chatted with the now assistant coach/trainer I've worked with for a few years after training Thursday. He's in favour of anything that I think that works. So am I.

Friday, I got stuck being a dad and then a silly person; first taking my kids to swimming and home, then going out to entertain a bunch of touring rugby players. That was pretty silly, but officially no workout was done. Meh.

Saturday was a rugby day. I played the team that I made sure went out and had a good time with on the night previous. They were wrecked last night, and ... well, they weren't feeling to good by kick off. By the end of the first half, we were ahead by a lot. So ... I got traded, along with the four other starting tight five players. The game got tighter after that, and a bit more fun.

Much later in the day, I got a nice 2k walk in with my wife.

I also got a chance to put together a fitness workout after training, starting this week, as we are now outside. I got it from Turbulence Training a while ago, and I've done the basic workout before. I'm looking forward to doing that and then the ice baths in July.

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