Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday and Monday April 20

I'll be quite frank .. Sunday I just couldn't move. I didn't move, even though I was supposed to play another game of rugby.
Grass > turf

Yeah, I knew Saturday night I wasn't going to be able to go. I did get some recovery work done  - stretching and mobility work. Sunday afternoon, I went to a remembrance for a NOB during the afternoon, sharing some time with my fellow rugby players while recalling some nice memories of a good guy. I, for one, fondly recall being witness to him playing rugby on his 80th birthday. There is nothing that can beat that.

I did also see that a McMaster Wrestling team mate had killed himself on Friday. He had the world by the short and curly hairs, but I guess let that slip away from him. Such a shame, man.

Monday I was still sore, so I did get some recovery work done. I did get a walk in with my wife after a long day at work. The two of us are worried about labour unrest here. I'm pretty sure that we're both going to see a cut in pay among other things.

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