Friday, May 1, 2015

Thursday and Friday May 1

Thursday was crazy. Cray Zee. Before it started, I did get some rolling and stretching done. Then, later in the day I got this done:

First workout was a 2k run to start. Then on to this for four rounds:

15 double clean and presses - 20 lb bells used
10 kb snatches

I then had to go and be an adult.

After that I got to rugby training. 90 minutes of lifting, throwing and sprinting. It was pretty cool to be on grass again.
Training outside! Woooo!

After the session was done, I got back to my good habits of fitness. I got this done:

Five rounds of

15 double kettlebell clean and press - 12 kilo bells used throughout.
10 kb snatches each hand
30 m farmers walk
10 med ball slams
20 kettlebell swings with a 50 lb bell.

after that, I did two rounds of  4 x 40 m sprints

After that:

Nothing in this pic is edible
Friday, I was ok, despite the amount of training I'd done. I'd like to credit the rolling and stretching I did, but I also think the ice bath had a lot to do with it. In any case, I did get a 2k walk in with my wife at the end of the day. It worked out rather nicely, except for the sprint we did to get away from an armed skunk.

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