Thursday, May 7, 2015

Monday and Tuesday May 5

May the Fourth be with you. Yeah, I know, I know.

I'm a geek at heart some times.

I did have a lot to do today and was still in full recovery mode. I did get some stretching and rolling done for myself both before the day started and at the end of the day. I also got a short 1k walk in, just to say I got a short 1k walk in.

Tuesday was a killer day.

Tuesday was an afternoon 2k run at Goodlife to finish off a day of work. That was cool. It was nice to see as many rugby players as I saw there. At least two other Burlington players, and a few Oakville ones, too. After the run I got this done for four rounds:

15 double kettlebell clean and presses (25 lb kbs used)
20 kb snatches each side

Yeah, not a bad sweat.

I went to my physio appointment and got my legs stretched out. Very beneficial.

Then I went home to be a dad. I love being a dad.

After that, it was rugby. I can't say I did very well on the technical side of it. I missed a few tackles and did not play in the open very well. I'm fit, but I need to work on the actual rugby playing side of playing rugby.

In any case, I did also work on my fitness after rugby, too
That cold, yo

five rounds of:

20 Kb two handed swings (50 lb bell used)
30 m farmer walks - same kb used at various levels)
15 med ball slams.

After that I got two rounds of 4x 40m sprints done.

Yeah, that was sore. In an effort to help with recovery, I got into the ice bucket afterwards. It's seems to me to be helping, and that's enough for me at this time.

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