Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tuesday May 12

Yeah,this wasn't a normal day. Not really.

My laptop is acting up again, as are a number of other elements in my life. At least Tim Horton's is always there for me.

In any case, I literally rolled out of bed this morning and started rolling. I worked so quickly that I also got a bath in before work, too.I had a tough day at work, but I did manage to squeak this in

2k walk/run
5 rounds of this
15 double kb clean and jerks
2 minutes rolling my legs and ITB bands.

I was actually pretty sweaty by the end, although I honestly think I was the only one.

Later on I had a quick nap, then dinner with my family. They are being so awesome during this rather difficult time.

I had a rugby training session tonight. It was some xontact and going into tackles, then some fitness.

I got this done while other people were in the bar:

15 swings with a 50 lb bell
30 m famers walk with the bell in one hand
10 med ball smals
15 bi cept curls of the KB.

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