Monday, May 25, 2015

Saturday and Sunday May 24

This was so me after Saturday's game.
Saturday was the first league game for my club, against a team that was basically told to be in our league and to shut up.

Yeah, we won. It was a good win, but lots of rust to get off my skills, to be frank.

Scrums, lineouts were ok ... my open play and hitting of rucks ... meh. At least I caught the balls that headed in my direction and I went through like three of their props during the scrums.

I was pretty sore and exausted by the end of the game, but still felt as though I was still good to go.

I rolled and stretched at the end of the game in the bright sunshine. I was so grateful and felt so blessed to be in that moment. The smell of the grass, the sweat on my brow, the tightness of my muscles made me feel alive. Of course the fact of the matter is I was just outside a beer garden, too. I finished up and had a chance to relax.
Me on Sunday

Sunday was a long day, one in which I should have played rugby again. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. I did end up taking Advil, something I really don't like admitting. I have this whole "No drugs" thing that I try to keep to. I did an awful lot of icing and stretching and rolling Sunday. I also got a 1.6k walk in, too.

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