Monday, May 11, 2015

Friday and Saturday May 9

Friday was another crazy day around here. I felt pretty good for the morning - I also got my rolling and stretching done in the early am and another round of it later on in the day.

I didn't get a lifting session in that I want to this week. I will have to set that as a goal for next week, adding lifting to a pretty good set up that I've got so far.

Friday night I got a 2k walk done. Something easy,as tomorrow was rugby.

Saturday was a rugby day. It was also a "hurry up and finish at rugby so you can drive for an hour, wander around in a forest and dig up trees day", too. They were small lilac bushes, intended for my backyard that I dug up.

I just didn't stop sweating for most of the day. After I got home and had a chance to lie down and do a bit of recovery, I got a 15 minute walk in with my wife.

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