Monday, May 4, 2015

Saturday and Sunday May 3

Saturday was a rugby day. It was kind of difficult to get up for this game, as it was my club's annual inter club game. Basically, I was playing for my position on the first team. With most of the first team's tight five away, it was a rather cool game for me, even if it was on hot turf.

Not a difficult day in the scrum, to be frank. But the running around the pitch was a heated ball of drag. I'm glad it was an inner squad game, as I was really dragged down by the heat, I'm glad to write. My knees were also suitably unimpressed with the decision to make us play today on turf. Someday I'll be in charge of the universe ... and another first thing I'll do is let my rugby club play on grass at any time.

In any case, I had a limited time to recover, as I had to go home and be a dad as quickly as possible. I got home to a child who was not terribly interested in anything but trying to beat me up. I did get him to calm down when we went into the garage and saw some of the plants he worked with actually growing. I had to play with some  of the soil on top of the plant material, but everything is looking up for the thyme being ... a ha ha ha ha ha haaaa ... a gardening joke .... gotta love 'em.

Saturday night I had to go and watch the big super boxing match. Yeah, it was stupid and boring and dumb. I'm so glad that boxing as a sport is dead, really. Watching the fight I tried to be nice and recall that this was a super fight. But, it is too little to late. Leaving the victor to a referee's decision after such an uninspired fight was a shame. As a group, we talked about the Griffin and Bonnar fight and the difference between the spirit it created as a result. Yeah, this superfight wasn't the boxing match I wanted to see.

Meh, whatever. A lot of money was made from people other than me, so ... it's all good.

Sunday was another "Oh, my goodness, I really can't move" day. I tried to get myself going in the morning, but it wasn't happening. I need to do a lot more recovery work in the minutes and hours after a Saturday game. Hello, Captain Obvious.

I did get moving enough to get around Sheldon Creek, the natural area near my rugby club. I took my wife and two of my kids to go and see the woods and to walk around for a 1.51 k walk. I did see the beaver making a home there, as well as got a chance to listen to the birdsong of a number of birds there. My four year old boy was .. well, like a four year old boy in a forest. Adventure and running and falling a crying and laughing and just absorbing it all in while being outside in the sun. He went to sleep rather easily later on.

Later on in the day, I got  a chance to plant some of the more well rooted plants, and go for a 3.5k walk. It felt good, man. Now, I have to do the rolling on my legs I've been promising myself.

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