Friday, May 8, 2015

Wed and Thursday May 7

A few awesome things, and a few things crappy happening these days.

Wednesday I had a long freakingly silly day. I got a chance to walk with my wife after everyone got to bed and it was just what we needed today.

At the end of the day, I got a 1.5k walk in with my wife.

I did get a chance to help my wife while she was on strike and walk a bit on a picket line today. I'm hoping that will be the only time I ever have to do that. I have fifteen years left in my current position, but I never hope that I have to walk as my wife has been walking these days.

Thursday was another rugby night.

I got thisdone after a set piece session with scrums and line outs worked on:

Four rounds of:

20 kb swings with a 50 lb bell
30m farmers walk with the same bells
15 slam balls with a 10 lb ball

then got4 x 40m sprints  done twice.

I got some rolling done and some stretching. I also did an ice bath tonight.

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