Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday and Friday May 29

Wednesday was a long day. Legs were sore and I woke up with the sharpest pain in my knee. Unreal.

I got through work, albeit with a fair amount of shuffling and sitting.

At the end of the day, my wife asked that I go with her for a 2k walk. What else you going to do? I went with her.

Thursday was all doctor appointments and therapy sessions. I woke up and rolled and stretched. I got moving and spoke to a doctor about my knee. Nothing is broken, no xrays needed. Suggested an MRI might find something if the pain continues, or if something goes totally out of whack.

Iced it and went off to my AT to see what they would say. Same thing. Except don't ice something before going to see them.

Went to rugby and got this done for four rounds:

15 double clean and presses with 12 kilo bells
30 m farmers walks
15 bicep curls

Then, instead of messing with my knee, went and did a session on line out throws by myself and the posts. Yeah, it's weird. Got into my ice bath, too.

Friday was sort of pain free, but not really. Hard to complain about sore knees when I spent the day sitting and getting my job done.

Rested and stretched after work. Had to take care of my kids as my dear wife went to Emergency Care at the local hospital to get her foot looked at. It looked ugly.

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