Monday, June 1, 2015

Saturday and Sunday May 31

Saturday was, of course, a rugby day. I played a full game at seconds XV prop. I have to admit, I was disappointed int hat selection, but I was needed. The opposition tight five were very big people, tough to move and scrum against. I switched after the second scrum to tight head and things got better for my team.

Of course it was me abusing the Laws of Rugby to my advantage ... or at least that is the most positive spin on the day I will put... ;). I got around fairly well, and hit the rucks that I could. I would like to hit a few more, but people need to stop running away form their support. Hashtag, just saying....

We ended up making it a lot tougher of a day than it should have been. Alas, it was still a good day of rugby. Wet and not very hot, which made it just perfect.

In any case, after the game, I was told to recover as I might see some time on the next game. I did as asked and roled and used my lacrosse ball on various parts. I didn't get in, which was also disappointing. I'll have to work smarter this week at training.

Sunday was a recovery day. I did wake up and stretch and roll, spent the day with my kids and then rolled and stretched some more. Later on in the day, got a 2k walk in. I'll be doing longer walks this week.

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