Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Monday and Tuesday June 16

Monday was a recovery day. I had promised myself to start training on Mondays, but it was a recovery day instead. a wonderful massage after work came at just the right moment to help with muscle recovery.

My wife wasn't too impressed that I was out of the house, though.

Tuesday was also a physio appointment, then rugby. I felt a lot better after I got some Chinese scraping done, but then it was off to ruin the good feelings with contact rugby. I did smell awesome, however, as the oil that was used was some kind of essential oil. I smelled like an incense store, to be frank....

After rugby got this done for three rounds with the 12 kilo bell

15 one arm snatches
10 overhead presses

Nothing, really. Then I got some stretchy band therapy done on my shoulders.

I did not do an ice bath experience after rugby, as I had to get myself home in good order. I had a shower at the clubhouse, and was rudely made aware of the scraping feeling on the skin of my chest and shoulders.

Man, that was some kind of scraping they did on me ... skin feels scrape-y but my muscles feel awesome.

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