Monday, June 29, 2015

Saturday and Sunday June 28

Might have been me on the pitch...

Well, Saturday should have been a rugby day, but there was some rain coming down. The game was rescheduled to some time in late July. Hopefully by then the waters will have subsided and all the bad people will be dead ... or something like that with the Noah story ...

In any case, so ... yeah, the game was cancelled and I'm out of the house. I could have made some bad life decisions, but instead went to go and see the Niagara Kettlebell Sports Open. That was an awesome display of training and strength. I learned a lot just by being in the same room with these people ... and I even got recognized by a few people ... and met up with more than a few facebook friends.

That was cool.

What wasn't so cool was getting to watch myself play rugby. I was sent the link for my game from last weekend. I got to tell you, I was not impressed with myself. At all. It was depressing to see me not get around the pitch and basically be a one trick pony. Gawd awful.

As I watched it, it was hitting bottom - it was the last straw and I now know I have a bunch of mistakes for which I have the summer to make them up.

Sunday was a long rolling and stretching session in my basement and then a long day chasing my kids around, trying to let my wife get herself ready for the upcoming week of work. Around 10pm I got a chance to take my wife out for a nice 2k walk. Mental health and all that.

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