Sunday, June 21, 2015

Saturday and Sunday June 21

Saturday was a bit of a disaster, as all the loud mouths came to play with me. I was just grateful that none of the loud mouths got us a penalty during the game. The game itself was a real drag. Our opponents only brought like 25 guys for two games ... so the seconds team lost at the 3pm kick off, while our first team won quite handily with a 4:30 kick off.

I was subbed off at about the 65th minute with the second team game very much up for contention. I shut my mouth and got off the pitch and stretched and watered myself. I really really felt like going home at that point, not wanting to stay. I was asked to be a sub for the first team, but of course, they didn't need me to sub in, as they were winning every set piece. In the end, the first team won 75-0.

It was a mixed bag of emotions, as I really wanted to win both games, but glad that we won "the important one". I was pissed that I was subbed off, but glad I wasn't really needed. I was glad the idiots shut their mouths to the ref, but disappointed in that I had to hear what they were saying to each other and myself. Meh, these emotional/drama things ... not really worth the time.

I got home in good order and fell asleep on the couch. I was supposed to bake with my middle child, but just fell asleep about 7pm. I felt badly, but as my kid said " looked like you needed it, Dad." I woke up about 10pm and just went to bed. hashtag exhausted.

Sunday was a recovery day. I spent the day driving my kids around the city and prepping for my next games. It's late as I am writing this, and I might just go for a walk. I also had to clean up some of this laptop's hard drive, making room for some work that needs to be done.

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