Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monday and Tuesday June 23

Monday was a recovery day. Or, well, it should have been.

It did start out that way, with some stretching and rolling in the morning.

I got through my day at work ... I'm going to crawl through these days, to be frank. Not by choice ...
Body structure didn't matter - uncontested scrums

I got home and looked at the calendar ... and saw that I signed up to play some Old Boys rugby tonight. So .... I got my son into bed, then got my kit together and drove to the rugby club for about 7:30.... and got right on the pitch.

Yup, no warm up, just get right in there. Not ideal, but it was ok.

They were a group of Army guys ... fit, but not so awesome of the knowledge of the Laws of Rugby. Meh, s'ok. Uncontested scrums. Ew. At one point in time, I reached with my left hand from the loosehead position to help their hooker actually hook the ball back to their side. It was kind of sad how "honest" their 9 was being in the scrums.

Tuesday ... was a training night. I still can't believe that my beloved wife was ok with me going to training tonight. I got there for 7:20 and ... no warm up, just went right into the training session.

Yup, no warm up, just get right in there. Not ideal, but it was ok.
Yup, this is a great likeness of me

After, I got this done with my 16 kilo bells for four rounds:

10 hand to hand around the body switches
20 hand to hand overhead switches
15 double clean and presses
15 bicep curls with the rope through the handle

It was a nice workout, a beginner one with the yellow bells. Simply fun.

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