Monday, June 29, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday and Friday June 26

Wednesday was a typical recovery and planning day. I'm planning a bit of a "weight cut/lose that stupid shit on my waist" July.

Lots of stretching and rolling in the am, getting to work on time ... and then waiting for people to ask me to do stuff. I got a lot of cleaning done, getting ready for next year and all that. Also ... watched Mad Max Fury Road. Nice.

Thursday also started with a quick roll and stretch. I'd like to get back to using the garage for these little things, as using the basement ... is complicated. Too many toys, too many things that might get stepped on. Meh.

Thursday was also a training night, so I got there about 7:10 and got a warm up in. We then went through a bit of a technical session and I just shook my head with the number of cooks in the kitchen. It was really kind of annoying, but I got through it.

Afterwards, got this done for four rounds with the 16 kilo bells:
20 hand to hands around the body
15 "American" swings
15 bicep curls with the rope through the handle
15 double clean and presses

After wards, did some stretching of my shoulders and some rolling on my hips.

Friday was annoying, but I had to go to work for a good chunk of the day. I put the finishing touches on some paper work and then sat down. a four hour meeting. Four. Hours.

At least we got some fruit brought in. And I grabbed the bottle of Zinfandel. Yeah, I know ... ew.

I did stretch and roll after I got home, but I mostly hung out with my son. 

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