Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday June 19

Wednesday was the State of Origin. I'm glad it's going to come down to the third game, should be a real barn burner. Wednesday the recovery from the scraping continued. I stretched and did my epsom salt bath, but not much else.

Thursday was a training night and I did as well as I could during the training session. I was named vice captain of the seconds team for Saturday, starting at loose head prop. Nice little touch that.

In any case, after training, I got this done for four rounds with the 12 kilo bells.

10 hand to hand around my body
15 snatch to release and catch
15 clean and presses
15 bicep curls with the rope through the handle.

After that, rolling and stretchy band work on my shoulders. I got shown what to do by the people at Progressive Sports ... it's really getting the shoulder feeling good for a while each time I do the exercises.

Friday was a recovery day, starting with the rolling and stretching on legs and shoulders. I ended the day with a nice 2k walk with my wife.

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