Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monday and Tuesday June 9

This is post number 1001.

Yup, I broke 1000 times sitting at this screen and wondering what the hell I was thinking.

I'm pretty sure I need to write another blog post about this ... yeah, that one is coming up soon.

In any case ... Monday.

Monday was a DOMS day, still. Not a lot of movement, not a lot of physical activity. Clearly I'm not stretching and rolling enough; not getting the things done that will help me stay on the field.

I did get a walk in ... about a 3k walk... and got a chance to get my legs just moving.

Tuesday was a rugby night and we did a fair amount of rugby activity. I missed the warm up, arriving about 30 minutes late. I'd already made that up, by the way. I got this done in the afternoon:

1k walk on the treadmill

 then four rounds of this:

15 double kettlebell clean and presses
10 kb rows

Then it was stretching and rolling around.

Then it was rugby ... we ended training with a series of sprints. I got through them ... they were not very much fun, but I got them done:

4 x 50m sprints
2 x 75m sprints
1 x 100 m sprints
2 x 75 m sprints
4 x 50m sprints ..... yeah ... I stretched out and rolled my legs out after this one .... 

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