Monday, May 11, 2015

Sunday and Monday May 11

Sunday was mother's day here in Canada. I hosted my mom and dad at a bbq and things went well. Before they arrived, I got a chance to plant the lilac bushes and get them watered. They were looking rough in the morning, but much better by night fall.

I did get two walks done today. The first was right on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Man, that was pretty cool. The evening walk was also nice - the new headphones I got from AirMiles are just incredible. The walk was 2k as well. I highly recommend that people try really stupid expensive headphones at least once in their lives. All I can say is man, cool headphones. I like them.

Monday was another stressful day. I got home and just collapsed. Collapsed. I did get a walk in later on in the day. I have to change the pattern I've got going for myself. Yes, I am getting eight hours of sleep,they are just not in a row. I'm staying up late to get things for work done, things for my family done, but ... I'm also getting up early for the same things.

Sleep is suffering.

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