Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Sept 12

A bit of a shocker today ... I checked my weight ... 242! Unreal. After the progress I had been making throughout the year. A real setback, I must say.

It would be easy to "blame rugby" but I'm thinking it is my associating bad diet with rugby that is probably getting me into trouble there. That, and eating like an idiot through August.

In any case, I will start again.

I got this done this morning. Five rounds:

8 deadlifts . 140 lbs
20 KB swings - 40 lb KB used
20 step ups - 10 lbs in each hand in the later rounds
10 TRX rows
20 feet up push ups
20 BW squats
4 chin ups
10 ab roll outs ... I watched a video on how to do them. Gotta watch the form. I got my front to touch the floor today. A first.

I was sweating a lot at the end of this workout. Drenched. I felt awesome, though. I know I need to get heavier dead lifts, and use more weight on most of the exercises, but after a long rugby season, I need to start a little more slowly.

I ate this:

Breakfast: steak and eggs, water to drink

Snack: coffee

Lunch: tuna sandwich with extra veggies. Water to drink, coffee for snack

Dinner: Pasta and garlic bread. Pretty yummy.

After the kids went to bed, I worked on getting uTorrent to work for me. I was downloading stuff onto my Macbook, then saw that I had a half hour before anything interesting was going to happen ... so I went for a run. Took 24 minutes to run 4k. Meh, my legs were pretty sore at the end of it.

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