Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wed, thurs, fri and sat Sept 24

Oh, man ... I send this link to someone and figure it's all good .. then realize that I've not posted in a few days. Ugh

Wednesday was an off day - everything was sore, man. I ate well, though. Need to be more focused on my food, though.

Thursday I did this five rounds in my gym:

20 BW squats
20 feet up push ups
20 Kb swings (53 KB used)
5 chin ups

It wasn't hectic, but I was pressed for time. I did eat well, but missed Rugby training in the evening. I'm just glad I got this done

Friday was also an off day, as I made arrangements to play rugby Saturday with another club. Meh, w/e. Steak and eggs for breakfast, tuna for lunch. A big salad for dinner. I also watcher Inside Job in the evening. Banks suck.

On Saturday, of course, I played rugby. I felt I played ok - certainly I did almost 100% in the set piece. A few times I completely crapped the bed, man. I was working with a rather weak set of backs, though. It got to the point where if we lost a set piece, the other team scored. I will be playing against the same team for my regular club sometime in the next few weeks, and I'll see some better back play, I'm sure.

I did an awful lot of recovery stretching after today's game - I had the boniest shoulder pressing into me for most of the game today. My left hamstring needs more beer. Everything else was cool Good to run into a few friends from years gone by today and make some new friends, too.

On with Sunday.

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