Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wed Sept 7

Back in the gym today, did four rounds of this in 20ish minutes.

20 two handed KB swings (30 lb KB used throughout)
6-8 big tire dead lifts
3 chin ups
30 push ups feet up
8-10 KB rows
10 ab roll outs

Felt good.

Saw this graphic at work about 15 Hard men in Rugby.

Ate this:

Breakfast: eggs and veggies. Coffee to drink.

Snack: coffee ... I was falling asleep at work, man.

Lunch: chicken and veggie wraps, water to drink

Dinner: steak, broccoli and potato, red wine to drink.

Snack: water, water and more water. I was so dry.

Felt good until the baby didn't let me sleep. Or do work. Ugh.

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